Fun in the sea with YCP

For most of our customers, sailing is the way to disconnect from the day to day, a way to relax, whether fishing or plying the waves in search of a secluded beach on which to spend the day – a little fishing, reading, a swim, a good meal, a beer or two … But for many others activities which give a little more excitement and a rush of adrenaline are needed.

In YCP we think about all our customers, without exception. That is why we have a wide variety of recreational equipment as well as equipment to practise different water sports: water skiing, wakeboarding, SUP, kayaking … We also have a great variety of inflatable products (donuts, sausages …), and gear for diving, snorkeling or underwater activities.

Today we’d like to present to you two of the latest innovations in underwater fun: the Sea-Doo Sea Scooter and the Subwing.

The Sea-Doo Sea Scooter is, as its name suggests, a water scooter. It lets you enjoy the depths of the sea without making any physical effort. In addition, we have two models, one suitable for children over 8 years and a slightly more powerful one for people over 16. It’s a mini-submarine for everyone.

As for the Subwing, it’s another way to have a lot of fun underwater. It’s essential to have a boat to use it, as the Subwing is attached to the boat with a cord and the forward motion of the boat moves it. The Subwing board allows you to pirouette underwater, to rise to the surface and descend back down with simple hand movements. It’s an extremely fun activity that lets you delve into the depths of the sea of the island.

Come to YCP and discover all the products and brands for guaranteed fun at sea.


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