Flexima, an innovative matress, ideal for yachts

In Yacht Center Palma, we always have the best quality sailing products and the best brands. We are delighted to introduce you to Flexima, an innovative matress, ideal for yachts, houses and caravans. Hight, shape or harshness doen’t matter for the mattress. All Flexima mattresses are handmade and are totally customizable.

In high seas, they show all the potencial they have. Even in a Fleximia gets wet because of high humidity, it will get dry quickly due to its perfect ventilation system. With every movement, the humid and hot air, pumps through the its cavities and outside the matress’ core, while simultaniously, it takes fresh air, providing total comfort.


In addition, Fleximia means incomparable bennefits:

-Luxurious sleeping comfort

-Free from metal spring frame

-Excellent ventilation

-Premium-quality cold foam wich adjusts perfectly to your individual body shape

-No slatted frame required

-Premium-quality covers

-Hypoallergenic, easy to clean

-Available in different degrees of hardness and heights

-Individual cuts possible


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