Winter Service Yacht Center Palma

Although we’re already in September, we still have some summery days left to enjoy our great passion … assuming you haven’t already finished your vacations. Regardless, when you decide that it’s time to protect your boat, make some little tweaks, and carry out the necessary maintenance for the end of the season, we offer you our winter service.

Yacht Center Palma’s winter service includes all the essential maintenance and repair work necessary so your boat won’t deteriorate as a result of use and, above all, salt water. Our service includes: engine maintenance and inspection, anti fouling, teak cleaning and hull polishing, metal work, auxiliary vessels, electronic and navigation systems, anodes and filter replacements, generator and battery check ups …

We’re aware that you may not use your boat again until next season, but we recommend that you carry out some essential maintenance now so as to keep it in good condition and so that you don’t encounter any nasty surprises at the beginning of the new season.

At Yacht Center Palma we have the most highly qualified professionals for this type of work – authentic sea dogs who know intimately the needs of each boat.

We also now have a new location dedicated to boat repair and maintenance in the Polígono de Son Noguera (as well as our premises in Santa Ponça), with which we intend to improve, if at all possible, the service we’ve been providing up until now.





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